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John van Giels

John van Giels works as an independent consultant and trainer in the field of leadership and risk management in finance & insurance, (petro)chemical industry, aviation and specialized police and army forces. Often working on the edge of complex risk situations, human factor and 'learning environments'. John applies these experiences also when working as an UIMLA International  Mountain Leader, mostly in winter, and as a trainer/instructor in the Dutch UIMLA-courses. He knows from his own experience how errors in thought and action come in so many forms and disguises.


Human Factor and decision making, the next steps?

We offer practical insights and ‘training tools' for systematically better decision making in high risk mountain environments. In the first part of this article we will introduce tools that help us better understand what is going on below the surface of individual and group decision making. In the second part of this article we will introduce a 5 step decision making protocol. This tool can be used to better deal with mental and social traps while making decisions in the high risk, high uncertainty mountain environment.

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17. Feb. 2020 - 31 min Lesezeit

Faktor Mensch und Entscheidungsprozesse – neue Betrachtungswinkel?

Im folgenden Beitrag stellen Anne van Galen und John van Giels – beide hauptberuflich Beraterinnen bezüglich Resilienz & Risikomanagement in verschiedenen Industriesparten und Mountain-Leader – praktische Einblicke und neue Anwendungshilfen vor, die im risikoreichen Umfeld der Berge bzw. des Bergsteigens die Möglichkeit bieten, systematisch bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen.

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17. Feb. 2020 - 34 min Lesezeit
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